Wing’s Lawn & Landscape

Katie Bartle Contractor of the Week

Contractor of the month powered by Lynch’s Small Engine!
Wing’s Lawn & Landscape is our contractor of the month! They offer commercial and residential mulch, driveway grading, landscape design, mowing, sidewalk edging, spring and fall yard cleanup, snowplowing and salting. Wing’s Lawn and Landscape was established in 2012 and services St. Clair County mainly in Port Huron and Marysville. Wing’s Lawn and Landscape’s favorite piece of equipment from Lynch’s Small Engine are the GRAVELY mowers. Thank you Wing’s Lawn and Landscape for powering your company with products from Lynch’s Small Engine. We appreciate you!

Jeddo, MI
(810) 300-7704

wings-lawn-cropped-pic yard 1 wings lawn care photo